Most businesses can get by without a recruiter. There are many ways to find qualified candidates for a job opening, and between social media, professional networking, and job aggregation sites, you can typically find candidates for a position on your own. However, there are some very good reasons why you should skip this process in certain cases.

Hire a recruiter when you need someone right now.

Did you know that it takes about a month on average to fill a position? Between listing the opening, wading through the resumes and applications, doing interviews, performing any necessary background checks or testing, and then the onboarding process…it all adds up. Many recruiters have a pool of pre-screened job seekers waiting to interview with you tomorrow, and with a team of recruiters who do nothing but wade through potentials, you’ll have the initial steps done in just a few days.

Hire a recruiter when competition for skilled employees is fierce.

Certain fields, particularly tech and engineering, are booming across the nation – but that doesn’t mean that skilled employees are waiting around for work. Recruiters can help you find the talent you need by recruiting candidates that you may not have access to, and by really selling your company culture to those who are on the fence about where to work.

Hire a recruiter when you need only the best.

If you have a critical job opening that you need only the best candidates for, having a recruiter on your side is crucial. Recruiters know exactly where to go to find these top performers, and how to convince them that they need to be working for you. Talent acquisition is all that we do, so we’ve developed the strategies necessary for finding and retaining only the best.

If you’ve found yourself in any of these situations, contact us to learn how Talencity can help you find the best talent, quickly, even when the competition is fierce.