Hiring talented candidates for a position means first winning them over. For hiring managers, this means that the interview process can be just as stressful for you as it is for them. Here are some ways to ace the interview so that the best talent is ready to sign immediately.

Know the role you are interviewing for.

Candidates will have questions about the role, and your understanding of the position should go deeper than the job description. Be ready with a detailed explanation of what they could expect in the average day on the job. You may be more focused on seeing if they fit in with the company culture, but they will want to know the nitty gritty of potential responsibilities.

Stop asking those weird interview questions.

Keep your questions relevant to the job. A person who will be working entirely on their own doesn’t need to explain their teamwork skills, for example. These types of questions can come off as being unprepared or unprofessional.

Don’t put the candidate on trial.

The interview sets the tone for the candidate’s experience in the office, so remember not to be too tough. Treat this like a conversation, not an interrogation, and you’re more likely to get an honest view of how this person will fit in.

Come to the interview prepared.

You expect the candidate to show up with some knowledge of your company, so you should show up with some knowledge of them. Be sure you have time to review their CV before the interview, even if you are pressed for time. This shows those top performers that you truly care about making a good match.

Use these four tips to make a better impression on the best candidates next time you need to hire only the top performers in your industry.