Our expertise is talent through experience and building strong lasting Relationships. Your relationship with us is unique, just as unique as your skills or business needs. We never stop or give up, we’re always working to better understand Tomorrow’s challenges, Talent requirements, Corporate culture and Business goals you face. We work hard at fostering strong lasting relationships, bolstered by our tenacity; industry knowledge and our unique business model.

Sectors We Have Significant Expertise In



Finance & Corporate

Sales & Marketing

Start-Up/High Growth


Our Mission

Talencity is talent services through technology and perseverance. Our agile approach to our client’s needs provides us with more time to solve your talent or employment needs. We’re committed to delivering open and honest two-way relationships.

Working with us ensures you’re ahead of the curve. We never stop, business continually evolves and so do we, learning and adapting to new market and business demands, setting you up for success from the start.

Your Success Is Our Best Interest.

Our History

With over 50 years of combined experience in the talent acquisition and services industries, our members have worked with some of the largest recruitment and professional services firms in the market. Our name, Talencity, is a hybrid of two words:


The world of business is all about great talent and the quality of persistence, determination and perseverance; a quality we believe any 
talent services organization should embody.

Meet our team

Each Talencity team member is an expert in their own field. Skilled in recruitment and driven by their deep understanding of the Engineering, Technology and Professional sectors. Collectively Talencity forms a unique multi-faceted approach to solving your recruitment and business needs with decades of experience at their fingertips.


We love what we do

We Build Genuine Relationships

We do the right thing

We’re Transparent

We Make It Happen

We Exist To Serve Our Clients

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