Ngo Lien Quach

Talent Director

Ontario , Canada

Passionate about facilitating organizational and individual growth in dynamic landscapes, Ngo-Lien has over 15 years of multifaceted expertise within the IT Professional Services industry. In her role as a Recruiting Manager, she skillfully led teams of up to 20 members. As a discerning Recruiter, she has a knack for understanding the needs and expectations of both clients and candidates, fostering a track record of mutual success. Her capabilities extend to Business Development where she has contributed to shaping business strategy, collaborating seamlessly with Sales and Recruiting teams to drive notable achievements. With unwavering integrity and a strong work ethic, Ngo-Lien has established a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, tangible results.

Off hours, you’re likely to find Ngo-Lien on the golf course or spending time with her close-knit family.