Recovery Playbook

your talent challenges have changed

2020 has forced every business to rethink Talent. Talencity’s Talent Recovery Playbook is a resource guide to you in pivoting, shifting or re-inventing your talent strategy.

Each week for 12-weeks, a new resource will be launched.

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Skills Realignment

Realigning the skills of your talent is critical to boosting your bottomline!

There has been a major disruption in the business environment. Your company goals have changed. The roles and skillsets of your people will now have to be updated to recover and prosper in this new reality.

Retaining, re-deploying, re-skilling and up-skilling your current employees is the best way to minimize costs thus directly boosting your bottomline. It will also turn into a sustainable strategic advantage for your organization.

We recommend three critical steps to help you navigate this process. While highly critical in any given time, these steps are key to success in major business changes and disruptions.