Recovery Playbook

your talent challenges have changed

2020 has forced every business to rethink Talent. Talencity’s Talent Recovery Playbook is a resource guide to you in pivoting, shifting or re-inventing your talent strategy.

Each week for 12-weeks, a new resource will be launched.

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Engaging Your Talent

An engaged and committed workforce is the key to the success and indeed survival of any company

Today more than ever, especially during this challenging time, you need engaged talent to put forth their best effort and be fully committed to the success of your organization. Talent engagement should be a vital part of your recovery as well as long term strategy.

With only 31% of employees being truly engaged[1], this is an area that companies can easily focus on moving the dial and thus boosting your business results.

In this article, we will be providing you with some key considerations in building Talent Engagement. We also want to provide you with 3 key actionable recommendations which you can implement and start improving Talent Engagement right away.

[1]Gallup Polls: State of Global Workplace 2019