Are you ready to return to work? This is a hot topic around the world.

Closer to home, Toronto Mayor probably summed it up best in his May 1st interview with CP24 when he spoke about Toronto’s progress: “we are obviously closer to the end of that [12 week] program and the beginning of the opening up than we are to the beginning”.

There are a myriad of business considerations when trying to assess your level of readiness under the new normal, or a “2.0 version” of the workplace. Change Management is a hot or cold topic with many organizations. It has rapidly become a Hot topic for survival in 2020!

From an HR/Recruitment perspective, we have asked our clients to consider the following:

Food for thought – Whether you are a business owner, manager or someone looking for work, we hope you found the above interesting, and at the very least, something to think about as you prepare yourself to return to work. Ontario is officially “re-opening” starting on Friday, May 8th, with other parts of Canada already ahead of the game. Are you ready?

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