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Talent Through Relationships

If you are driven recruiter or sales professional with tenacity and a never say die attitude, then we should connect. We specialize at creating and maintaining successful relationships. Talencity is different from other recruiters we work for you! This is exactly how our Members Network works. We Grow and Succeed Together!

Tech…to set you up for success

you’re set up for success from the get-go. Access to the latest technology and tools-making the search for talent a whole lot easier manage your business

Sales and Business Management Tools-manage your clients, prospects and talent with a stable and easy to use ATS & CRM system.

Team…a collaborative culture

Each job is matched with the best recruiter for that role for success. Our team interacts together in one place, you are your own boss now.

Reward…commission on results

in addition to having all the tools and processes you need to succeed, you will be paid the industry’s highest commission rates!


 If you think about your best working experience, it is always the people who you work with. Everyone on the team of Talencity is truly awesome.

We all care about each other genuinely, respect one another, and do whatever we can to help one another succeed.

The flexibility of a virtual workplace also allows for greater productivity while taking care of what are truly important to you – quality time for your loved ones and your self!

I cannot say enough about how lucky I am to have been able to become part of the Talencity team!  

Anne, Account Director

  Why I joined Talencity? Being a busy mom of 3 kids, the ability to work from home was something that was too precious to pass up.

Having the option to set my own hours and have the true flexibility of work-life balance has been a great change for me.

I am also surrounded by some top-notch professionals who I have been able to learn from and have also shared my experiences with them.

We are a collaborative group and that is something I value in a workplace. 

Helen, Talent Director

 Joining the Talencity team was one of the best decisions that I made.

Being part of this dynamic team has enabled me to grow professionally while enjoying a work-life balance that no other organization can provide.

As a team, we share our ideas and techniques to provide our clients with the best candidates but more importantly, we take pride in our work.

The culture at Talencity creates an atmosphere where you want to continuously grow to become the best in the industry.  

Jannie, Talent Director

 I am proud to be a part of such a unique organization like Talencity and the company’s authenticity is apparent from Day One.

I feel that a successful career heavily relies on a strong relationship and support of your cohorts, and I found this in abundance with every member on the team.

I have the freedom to take control of the way I work, but also the full support of the team to help me become the best that I can be at what I do.

At Talencity, I love living to work and not working to live! 

Christine, Talent Director


Questions commonly asked by potential members

Yes – what we have learned is that all recruitment professionals have their strengths and areas they need support on – our goal is to align your strengths with the rest of the team for success.
Our focus is in the Professional sectors, with a focus in Engineering, Technology, Finance and Corporate sectors – the talent needed in those sectors reaches outside of these roles. Our members have expertise in a range of other professions – sales, leadership, construction, skilled trades etc. Let’s connect and discuss how your skills align with Talencity.
We need to work with you to honour your legal obligations but there are options we can discuss. Integrity is important to us.

Work the Way you Want

Time for you take control of the way you want to work, and focus on the things you are good at, relationships –
we take care of the rest!

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