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Recovery Playbook

your talent challenges have changed

2020 has forced every business to rethink Talent. Talencity’s Talent Recovery Playbook is a resource guide to you in pivoting, shifting or re-inventing your talent strategy.

Each week for 12-weeks, a new resource will be launched.

Flexible Staffing

Uncertain times create a unique opportunity to leverage Flexible Staffing in ways you have not needed to in the past.

Do you remember Y2K, or how about the Financial Meltdown in 2008? Today with Covid-19, we have a similar challenge in the Staffing Industry and that is to be Flexible with our Staffing solutions to support our business partners and the great talent we work with.

The three scenarios above changed the employment market, created anxiety and forced business to quickly change and adapt. In many cases, talented individuals had their positions terminated not for performance but instead for global business conditions beyond their control.

Today, job postings can attract hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates … more than ever since 2009. This is the best time to have a strong talent acquisition partner, such as Talencity to support you on aligning talent to meet your business objectives.

3 key benefits in working with a talent acquisition partner include:

  • Focus

  • Larger pool of qualified candidates

  • Agility

Key Benefits

Flexible staff can be in many forms be it fixed-term contract workers, consultants you engage for a specific deliverable or a temporary project team you build to augment your existing workforce.

The utilization of a flexible staffing solution will let companies avoid overstaffing with permanent placements while having the opportunity to adjust based on their business needs for the unexpected.

If Covid-19 has a 2nd or 3rd wave, your flexible staff can be adjusted on the fly. If your needs become more permanent you have options to seamlessly transition your flexible staff into your permanent team with your confidence in knowing they fit the technical and soft skills your company needs.

Some key reasons Flexible Staffing may be suitable for your Organization?

Focus – This gives your organization time to focus 100% on your bottom line, especially when your company, and your competitors, are leaner than they were just 6 months ago due to Covid-19.

Larger pool of qualified candidates – Talencity will find passive job seekers or even talented people working part time from home that still have an extra 20-30 hours a week available to commit to a new opportunity.

Agility Flexible Staffing allows you to stay lean, while also helps your company tap into critical resources and skills without overstaffing. Flexible staff help companies avoid the high costs of overtime with current staff by supplying qualified temporary skilled support to hit the ground running. Companies will avoid overstaffing allocate costs where the investment is necessary while having the opportunity to adjust their contract staff for the unexpected.

Talencity can work with you to build a Flexible Staffing solution to pivot your business during uncertain times.