Are you ready to return to work?


Are you ready to return to work? This is a hot topic around the world. Closer to home, Toronto Mayor probably summed it up best in his May 1st interview with CP24 when he spoke about Toronto's progress: "we are obviously closer to the end of that [12 week] program and the beginning of [...]

Are you ready to return to work?2020-05-12T09:51:37-04:00

Talencity welcomes Jason Crowley, Partner


Talencity is excited to announce that Jason Crowley has joined our leadership team as Partner. Over the past 20 years in the Staffing and Consulting industries, Jason has established himself as a true partner to some of the largest employers in Ontario. With a primary focus in leading recruiting teams in the Automotive, [...]

Talencity welcomes Jason Crowley, Partner2019-09-30T16:42:41-04:00