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At Talencity, we specialize in engineering and technologies recruitment, with a focus on building strong, lasting relationships. Our teams are comprised of tenured, experienced, professionals, with multiple years in the industry. We provide our teams with best-in-class technologies, including industry-leading search, collaboration and process automation tools to ensure our clients’ and teams’ success.

We believe recruitment is about relationships. This forms the core of our success. We believe that, while technology has and continues to change the recruitment industry, recruitment is much more than what technology can do alone.

Our teams work hand in hand with each client to develop a full understanding of their talent challenges, corporate culture, & business goals to align each of our service offerings with their needs.

Our Mission

We believe that while technology has and continues to change the recruitment industry, recruitment is about much more than what technology can do alone. Recruitment is about relationships, and that forms the core of our success.

We have a mandate to streamline processes through technology, which enables our teams to build the strongest relationships possible. Our sales and management teams work hand-in-hand with each client to develop a full understanding of your talent challenges, corporate culture, and business goals to align each of our service offerings with your needs. Our recruitment team’s sole mandate is to build relationships with talent.

While each search will require a tailored search strategy, our recruiters already possess and will continue to build relationships to find the best talent for our clients.

Our History

Talencity was founded in 2017 with a mission to redefine relationships in recruitment. With over 35 years of combined experience in the recruitment and services industries, our founders have worked with some of the largest recruitment and professional services firms in the market. Our name, Talencity, is a hybrid of two words:


The world of recruitment is all about talent.


The quality of persistence, determination and perseverance; a quality we believe any recruitment organization should embody.

Our Leaders

Our team is comprised of recruitment, engineering and technology experts with decades of experience under their belts. Each member of our team brings unique strengths to the table, allowing us to build strong, lasting relationships with talent, understand our clients’ needs and corporate culture in unique ways, and deliver outstanding service at each step.

Marc Bardwell

Partner and Co-Founder

Marc Bardwell is a Partner and co-founder of Talencity, and is responsible for sales, recruitment and technology. Marc is an innovator and entrepreneur at heart with over 15 years of experience in the recruitment sector. Being a solutions builder is one of Marc’s greatest strengths, be it Talencity’s business model, or solutions for client needs. Marc is a dynamic leader with proven experience building highly-engaged teams and the recipient of numerous awards over his career for business growth, innovation and leadership.

Marc’s background is in business administration, and his sales and recruitment experience is primarily in the engineering industry, specifically in the energy, automotive, defence and transportation sectors. Marc’s leadership experience is broad, including change management, training, and strategic planning. Adopting a consultative approach, Marc has helped many professionals and organizations build solutions and strategies to achieve their goals.

Danny Chung

Partner and Co-Founder

Danny Chung is a Partner and co-founder of Talencity, and is responsible for all financial and administrative matters of the company. He is a highly accomplished and team-oriented professional with proven experience in building the infrastructure and processes to drive revenues, profit and market share growth for industry leaders. Danny is a dynamic leader, recognized for his customer service focus and getting things done.

Danny has an MBA from the University of Toronto, and is a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA). He has worked in the professional services industry for over 20 years, including engineering, consulting and staffing firms. His experience includes audit and insolvency consulting within a Big 4 accounting firm, and financial and business administrative leadership within Canadian and international engineering and staffing firms, both publicly and privately owned.

Helen Cidade

Talent Director

Helen Cidade is the talent director at Talencity. She is a veteran of 10 years in the recruitment industry, and she brings in-depth experience to the table. Her true brilliance shines in her capabilities in search, pairing the right talent with the right client, as well as her ability to build strong relationships on both sides.

As the talent director, Helen’s responsibilities include recruitment and client management. She specializes in the engineering side of the business, and her consultative approach has yielded positive results for many clients. Helen’s dedication, skill and capabilities have resulted in her receiving numerous awards, including several for outstanding performance.

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